The area of renewable resources offers great potential: capacitors are installed for example in wind turbines and photovoltaic systems and are in high demand in view of the energy transition. In wind turbines, for example: the high-performance capacitors in the converters must have a long life cycle of 20 years.

 FTCAP offers numerous capacitors that fulfil these requirements. Innovative capacitor modules are one example: this patented design gives users a ready-to-install component that requires no further installation and can easily be replaced in the event of a failure. The bus bars can be equipped both with electrolytic and film capacitors.

Incidentally: within the framework of the “Innovation Cluster Power Electronics for Renewable Energy” FTCAP is currently researching new film capacitors with a high-temperature dielectric for an extended life cycle.


Products: screw terminals, banks, Joule Cap, Energy Cap

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