Research, development and production from a single source

FTCAP will find the right capacitor for you! In the development and production of capacitors we can take customer requirements into account and jointly develop individual solutions.


To ensure efficient production of innovative custom capacitors, FTCAP has its own production technology department. The employees here are experts in the engineering of special machines and tools, which allows us to develop and build our own systems for our special requirements. We not only have good ideas for new capacitors, but we can also implement the technology for these custom solutions.


The “All-in-One” film capacitors that we produce for a manufacturer of energy systems – Paul Vahle GmbH – are one example of custom-tailored solutions from FTCAP. The custom capacitors are used for compensation of reactive voltage in transfer systems in production lines or warehouses. For practicable use in the system these capacitors must be designed for continuous currents of up 70 A at a frequency of 20 kHz, as well as voltage-proof up to several 100 V. FTCAP film capacitors fulfil these requirements. In addition, a very special construction makes it possible to individually adapt the required capacity during adjustment of the CPS system. The capacitors were specially designed with very low resistance for alternating-voltage applications, which requires an especially robust film. The low internal resistance results in low heat losses and a high current-carrying capacity.


Another example: special capacitor units used in the auxiliary power converters from Knorr-Bremse PowerTech, which ensure a reliable power supply in the new vehicles of the Hamburg suburban railway (type ET 490). The custom capacitors function in the overall system as DC link capacitors. It is especially important to have a good thermal connection to the heat sink, in addition to a simple but robust mechanical construction. No problem for the custom-tailored capacitor units from FTCAP: they consist of many single, internally interconnected film capacitors. This reduces procurement costs and eliminates the connection of the single capacitors. The units were designed with very low inductance for use with higher switching frequencies. For optimal thermal transfer to the heat sink FTCAP used special materials and winding constructions. In addition, the capacitor was designed by the FTCAP development engineers to withstand the requirements for vibration resistance. These and other articles can be found in our press area. On our website we can provide only a few examples of our custom-tailored capacitors. If you would like to receive details of a particular application, please contact us.