FTCAP has a team of employees that is as diverse as our spectrum of capacitor products. From experienced engineers and mechanics to creative university graduates, not to mention master craftsmen, technicians and skilled workers, FTCAP has no lack of specialists to implement projects for long-term success.


Our large vertical production diversity and competence are complemented by the active exchange of ideas. Together we therefore always find the right solution.


The FTCAP sales team with a high level of technical expertise in the field of capacitors as well as enthusiasm for logistics processes. Our sales employees appreciate the short distances within our company. This is convenient when it comes to discussing new technical solutions with the development engineer or the current delivery situation for capacitors with production management. All projects at FTCAP are implemented by means of cross-departmental and interdisciplinary processes.


Product development at FTCAP combines all of the necessary disciplines: classic electrical engineers and application technicians, as well as mechanics and chemistry specialists, view the capacitor as a whole and from different perspectives. The best solution concepts originate in cooperation with the customer. The FTCAP development team looks forward to a productive technical exchange with you.