Enlight Energy Cap: Relaunch of a time-proven capacitor series

After a thorough redesign, FTCAP film capacitors of the Energy Cap series have been renamed to include the additional attribute “Enlight”, and are more efficient and competitive than ever. And they still offer the capability of asymmetrical terminal heights or other custom adaptations – a unique selling proposition on the market.

The FTCAP film capacitors of the Energy Cap series have long been known and appreciated for their very low inductance, robust design and long life. Since the relaunch, these products feature a new foil structure with much higher rated currents and an optimized price-performance ratio. That makes them the ideal solution for use in frequency converters and DC links in wind energy or photovoltaic technology. The Enlight Energy Cap series currently includes two capacitor models – type EE with eight different housing dimensions, and type ES with the same diversity of dimensions as the predecessor type EC, but with higher amperage and an improved temperature rating. The overall spectrum covers voltages from 600 to 1500 VDC and capacitances up to 3070 µF. Custom adaptations of the design, amplitudes or connection terminals can easily be implemented by Mersen’s experts. On request the capacitors can also have a barcode printed on them for optimal traceability, and optional comprehensive test logs are available for every single capacitor. Other noteworthy features are their outstanding capacity and extremely low inductance in combination with laminated busbars.