Application-specific DC link capacitors for smart transport modules

Custom tailored capacitors for industrial applications in small and medium quantities are the speciality of Mersen. For Schubert System Elektronik GmbH, Mersen’s plant in northern Germany implemented a solution for the storage of DC link voltage in transport modules on the basis of FTCAP snap-in electrolytic capacitors.

DC link capacitors for smart transport modules

The “Transmodule” is Schubert’s system for rail-guided autonomous transport units to ensure smooth transport of products from one processing step to the next. The module is based on the principle of energy recuperation. To store the recovered braking energy for use in starting the next acceleration step and the DC link voltage, Schubert uses electrolytic capacitors from Mersen that are connected to create an “electrolytic capacitor battery”. Another function of the capacitors is to smooth the booster-generated DC link voltage of up to 800V.

This project confronted the engineers at Mersen with diverse challenges. Because the application required capacitors with a very high energy content that could also withstand harsh discharge conditions, ripple currents and high temperatures up to 105 °C.

On the basis of snap-in electrolytic capacitors of the SIH series, which are designed for a temperature range of up to 105°C, capacitance of 1000 µF and voltages up to 400VDC, Mersen developed and produced a series of application-specific capacitors that fulfil these requirements with superior ease.

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