Buffering of supply voltage with FTCAP capacitors from Mersen

Aluminium electrolytic capacitors of the GW series from Mersen guarantee the fast discharge of energy needed by high-power laser diodes to generate high-current pulses.

The compact, high-performance FTCAP capacitors of the GW series are able to compensate for the tremendous heat generated by high currents. This makes them ideal for integration in the laser power supplies of high-power laser diodes in research systems, such as those manufactured by Schumacher Elektromechanik GmbH. For many years now the Munich-based company has been purchasing aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Mersen. The capacitors of the GW series are installed in the capacitor bank of the laser power unit, where they provide for reliable buffering of the supply voltage. Such systems require fast discharge of the energy for generation of high-current pulses of about 100-500µs. The aluminium electrolytic capacitors are very reliable in this application and fulfil the requirements of Schumacher’s specifications.

The GW series comprises FTCAP threaded capacitors which are insensitive to high ripple currents. As a side effect, however, the high currents also cause increased temperatures in the capacitors. Special winding constructions therefore ensure optimal heat dissipation at the capacitor base. In addition, the GW series has been optimised with optional base cooling by means of a Sil-Pad that dissipates the heat.