Capacitors for railway technology: Full speed ahead with Mersen

For many years Mersen has been supplying well-known firms with FTCAP capacitors for railway technology. Implementation of these industry-specific solutions requires creativity and competence – characteristics that the experts in Husum have demonstrated in numerous past projects.

Mersen can draw on a wealth of experience to develop optimal solutions for problematic installation situations, such as capacitors that are highly resistant to vibrations. Custom FTCAP capacitor units are installed for example in on-board power converters of a well-known manufacturer, where they supply power for the AC network of tram vehicles. The DC link capacitors ensure constant voltage and deliver current as needed.

Mersen’s standard product spectrum likewise includes numerous application-specific solutions for this “moving” industry. Specially designed for railway technology, for example, is the GW series of aluminium electrolytic capacitors with a threaded connection. They are insensitive to high ripple currents, such as those that occur in on-board power converters. A long-time classic is the S series of FTCAP capacitors, which are still regularly needed as important replacement parts in the area of railway technology. The special feature of the capacitors is the use of threads, which makes it possible to screw them into a threaded hole in a mounting plate. Not least of all, the Energy Cap series is used in railway technology as DC link capacitors. Convincing features of film capacitors are their very low inductance, robust design and long life.