Curly kale hike in autumn glory

On 29 October 2019, FTCAP (part of the Mersen Group) organised a curly kale hike for its employees. In autumn’s full glory and in the best of moods the employees first went out into nature for a five kilometre hike, after which they stopped off for a meal of curly kale.

FTCAP curly kale hike

The event was attended by 50 FTCAP employees, as well as one colleague from Mersen. They started their hike at 4:00 p.m. from the company location in Husum, and the event ended around 9:00 p.m. at a restaurant in Schwesing, after a meal of curly kale and a musical interlude. The employees then returned to the company premises by bus.

FTCAP is recognized as an attractive employer in the region and offers fun company events for the employees several times a year, such as a summer party and a staff Christmas party, as well as joint excursions and lunches. Once a week the FTCAP team can also look forward to fresh fruits and vegetables at the company’s expense. Employees can eat in the company cafeteria free of charge once every month.