Discharge capacitors for signal technology

Special discharge capacitors from Mersen are used for example by WERMA Signaltechnik GmbH in xenon flashing beacons. The capacitor stores the energy required for the flash pulse, which is perceived during the discharge as a short and intensive flash.

Xenon flashing beacons manufactured by WERMA Signaltechnik GmbH use special discharge capacitors from FTCAP.

In flash applications capacitors discharge very quickly. The main requirements for flash capacitors are high energy per volume values, compact dimensions and a maximum flash frequency. Aluminium foils specially developed for this purpose make it possible to produce aluminium electrolytic capacitors with a high capacity-voltage (CV) product. Their fully welded design allows them to withstand constantly changing temperatures with no compromises. This also minimises contact resistance, which ensures long-term stability. The high switching capacity of these electronic components is especially advantageous in flash applications with very short discharge times.

WERMA required capacitors that can withstand sustained loads in flash applications at frequencies from 0.7 to 1.7 Hz. In close coordination between the customer and manufacturer the choice fell to the two types AE22035012030 and LSEH47035016039. The AE type is an axial flash capacitor delivered by Mersen as a taped component. The LSEH type features a terminal designed as a so-called soldering star, which conducts the current from the winding through the case to the negative contact. The solutions have proven themselves for years in numerous beacons equipped with the xenon flash.