Discharge capacitors from FTCAP in flash applications

It takes a large amount of electrical energy to create a flash – which requires the use of discharge capacitors to meet the stringent demands of this application. FTCAP (part of the Mersen Group) offers numerous versions of these special products.

FTCAP discharge capacitors

In flash applications – such as professional flash devices in photo studios or radar speed traps – capacitors discharge very quickly. The main requirements for flash capacitors are high energy per volume values, compact dimensions and a maximum flash frequency. The aluminium foils developed by FTCAP and its suppliers especially for this purpose make it possible to produce aluminium electrolytic capacitors with a high capacity-voltage (CV) product. Their fully welded design makes them ideal for high peak currents, with no compromises. This also minimises contact resistance, which ensures long-term stability. The high switching capacity of these electronic components is especially advantageous in flash applications with very short discharge times. That makes them ideal for a broad range of applications: FTCAP capacitors prove themselves in numerous applications, from hair removers to aircraft wing lights, flashing lights in wind turbine towers, and even radar speed traps.