From apprentice to integrated degree student: Training at FTCAP

Oke Flatterich successfully completed his apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at FTCAP, a Mersen company, this year. Nevertheless, he will remain with the company: As a student in an integrated degree program, he still works for the capacitor manufacturer in Husum during the semester breaks.

Training at FTCAP

“My apprenticeship at FTCAP as an industrial clerk was very interesting and I was given the opportunity to take on responsibility early on”, relates Oke Flatterich, who grew up near Husum. “Procurement and Sales were my favourite departments, so I decided to pursue a university degree in these areas.” In September the 22-year-old will start studying Sales and Procurement Engineering at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences. Oke Flatterich will have an additional duty at FTCAP, since he was elected to the FTCAP Works Council in June.

Current career opportunities at FTCAP include an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk or mechanic, warehouse logistics specialist or machine operator, as well as an integrated degree program. Additional information is available at