FTCAP and Mersen: Joining forces for a strong future

Husum is to become the centre for capacitor development in the Mersen Group: The worldwide expert for electrical power and advanced materials has signed a contract to take over the capacitor manufacturer FTCAP. The merger of the two enterprises will result in substantial growth potentials for both parties.

FTCAP will operate as an independent subsidiary - which will ensure the continued existence of a successful brand. "FTCAP has undergone extensive growth in recent years and has significantly developed its market position," according to FTCAP Managing Directors Nora Reimers and André Tausche. "That is one of the reasons why FTCAP is an attractive addition to the Mersen Group, which so far does not include a capacitor manufacturer." The transaction will enable the group to expand its current product spectrum to include capacitors, which are of central importance for the development of efficient and high-performance electronic systems. The merger will result in significant growth opportunities for both enterprises - for FTCAP due to synergies in development, for example, but also due to a more extensive sales network.


The competence and experience of FTCAP are of the utmost importance for Mersen - which is why the acquisition goes hand in hand with a clear commitment to the Husum location and its employees. "Husum will become the centre for capacitor development in the Mersen Group," Managing Directors Reimers and Tausche explain. "In recent years we have implemented diverse joint projects, which allowed us to define technological priorities." Nora Reimers and André Tausche will also continue to manage FTCAP in the future. They will soon have the support of a third managing director: Winfried Kipke, who has been with Mersen for 25 years, will be primarily responsible for the integration of FTCAP in the group.