FTCAP Managing Director Dr. Ebel pursues academic career

Managing Director Dr. Thomas Ebel will leave FTCAP by his own choice in the summer of 2018. As of 15 August 2018 he is appointed as the head of of the 'SDU Electrical Engineering' section and of the 'Centre for Industrial Electronics' at the University of Southern Denmark in Sonderburg.

Dr. Thomas Ebel

In summer 2019 the new Centre for Industrial Electronics (CIE) of the 'SDU Electrical Engineering' section will open its doors in Sonderburg, where electronics engineers will be trained in the future. "That is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am truly looking forward to it," says Dr. Thomas Ebel. "However, I am planning to maintain my affiliation with FTCAP in the framework of a research partnership."

"In his ten years at FTCAP, including seven as the managing director, Dr. Ebel has contributed substantially to the development of the company," according to FTCAP Managing Directors Nora Reimers and André Tausche. "We will now take advantage of the remaining months to reassign Dr. Ebel's projects within the company in order to ensure a seamless transition."