FTCAP works council begins activities

Since 2019 FTCAP has a works council: On 27 June 2019 an advisory council was elected at FTCAP with a voter turnout of more than 90 %; the elected members held their first meeting in July.

Works council at FTCAP

“The large voter turnout showed that the employees of our company want to exercise their right of co-determination”, explains Torben Becker, Chairman of the FTCAP works council. “The cooperation between FTCAP management and the works council was very open and marked by mutual respect from the beginning.” The works council and management meet regularly to discuss the current business situation, planned investments and personnel matters.
“The works council provides our employees with a platform for active participation in shaping our company, which we welcome”, explains André Tausche, Managing Director of FTCAP. “Intercommunication with our staff has always been a top priority for us. We look forward to a constructive and cooperative relationship with the elected representatives of the works council.”