High-voltage capacitors for precise measurements

X-ray diffractometers are indispensable for the analysis of materials in industry and research. Exact and reliable measurements require constant and reliably reproducible high voltages – generated with high-voltage foil capacitors from Mersen.

Foil capacitors from Mersen generate constant, reliably reproducible high voltage – in high-precision X-ray diffractometers, for example.

Foil capacitors supply the X-ray tubes in X-ray diffractometers with constant high voltage as the basis for analytical measurements of high quality. Because a good, stable radiation characteristic is possible only with high-quality capacitors.


Mersen is one of the few manufactures to offer high-voltage foil capacitors for voltages up to 120 kV DC. They are available in numerous versions with different housing forms and connection technology, including radial designs with wire and solder lugs. As with all Mersen products, the company’s high-voltage capacitors are designed for flexible adaptation to specific requirements. Variable factors include edge steepness or capacitor shape, for example.


Bruker AXS, a manufacturer of high-quality X-ray machines for industry and research, uses foil capacitors from Mersen in its high-voltage cascades to generate a very constant and reliably reproducible high voltage between 20 and 60 kV. Bruker purchases three different high-voltage capacitor types, each with a capacitance of 0.015 µF. They are designed for voltages from 8,000 to 18,000 V DC, depending on the model, and feature high reliability and compact dimensions.