PCIM Europe Digital Days electronics trade fair: Mersen to participate

PCIM Europe will take place this year in digital format from 7 – 8 July. As a company of the Mersen Group, FTCAP will participate in PCIM Europe Digital Days with a virtual exhibit booth for communicating with existing and prospective customers.


Visit PCIM Europe Digital Days by registering free via the PCIM website of Messe Frankfurt to receive access to the Talque platform. In addition to viewing presentations and documents, you can use the platform’s “round table” function to talk to our Mersen representatives. For FTCAP and Leclanché two members of staff will be available to answer questions from visitors in German and English.


In addition, Mersen will give a presentation in English on both days of the fair with the title “Battery protection components, Enablers for EV performances?”. True to the motto “Welcome to the era of pyro fuses” Pierric Gueguen will explain how Mersen fulfils safety requirements in the battery management systems in electric cars. These requirements increase with the demands of the customers – for higher battery capacity and a longer range, for example, in addition to improved comfort and on-board entertainment for a more pleasant driving experience.


Dates: Tuesday, 7 July, and Wednesday, 8 July, from 10:00 to 10:15 on both days. The presentation lasts about 10 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for questions afterwards. For more information, please contact Stephen Fugate, stephen.fugate(at)