Successful welding with Energy Cap film capacitors

With the low-inductance, self-sealing film capacitors of the Energy Cap series, Mersen offers ideal DC link capacitors for numerous applications. Their robust design, long life and high currents ensure high reliability for example in the welding inverters of Ibp Industrie Electronic GmbH.

The robust design, long life and high currents of Mersen capacitors make them highly reliable.

One example of Ibp’s success is the area of process controllers for welding applications. The company uses medium-frequency technology, which results in smaller transformers and a shorter connection to the machine. Welding inverters from Ibp are equipped with Mersen Energy Cap capacitors, which serve as buffers. They are charged by thyristors via the mains network. From DC voltage of about 600V the transformers are supplied with the output frequency of 1 KHz by means of an IGBT bridge


FTCAP film capacitors of the Energy Cap series have proven themselves in frequency converters, DC filters and DC links, for example. What makes them special is that they are available with terminals of different heights, for adaptation to the different levels of laminated busbars. This allows faster and easier mounting on laminated busbars. A clear advantage, because Mersen is increasingly focusing on perfect compatibility between laminated busbars and capacitors.