The Energy Cap capacitor series

A robust design, long life and terminals of different heights distinguish the power capacitors of the Energy Cap series from Mersen. The low-inductance self-sealing foil capacitors are ideal as DC link capacitors, as well as for DC filters and frequency converters.

Energy Cap power capacitors from Mersen feature different terminal heights, which makes them easier to mount than conventional capacitors

Power capacitors of the Energy Cap series from Mersen facilitate mounting of several units on a laminated busbar: Due to their availability in different heights, it is possible to mount the foil capacitors on laminated busbars without using spacers. The use of conventional capacitors with terminals of the same height can result in contact resistance between the busbar and the spacers – because they are normally made of different materials. Due to the different terminal heights, Energy Cap power capacitors can be mounted on the laminated busbar using standard screws.

Since all FTCAP capacitors are manufactured by Mersen in Germany, custom terminal heights can be implemented at the price of standard versions. Customers can also choose between male and female threads. The foil capacitors feature an aluminium housing and threaded connections or pin mounting. The capacitance and voltage are adapted to the particular requirements. Standard capacitances for Energy Cap capacitors are 200 µF – 3300 µF, standard voltages from 700 V DC – 1500 V DC. Additional capacity and voltage combinations are available on request.