Thermally optimised aluminium electrolytic capacitors

A special stepped base, in combination with a Sil-Pad, ensures optimal thermal dissipation in the capacitors of the GW series. The use of a ring clamp allows virtually seamless mounting of the capacitors on a heat sink.


The aluminium electrolytic capacitors with a threaded connection are insensitive to high ripple currents, which however cause increased temperatures. Special winding constructions therefore guarantee optimal heat dissipation at the capacitor base. In addition, FTCAP (part of the Mersen Group) has optimised the GW series with optional base cooling by means of a Sil-Pad that dissipates the heat. The patented stepped base ensures that the base of the capacitor is flat despite the adjacent heat shrink tube. Air inclusions are therefore reduced, which would hinder dissipation of heat from the capacitor to the heat sink. An outer bead, in combination with a ring clamp manufactured in-house by FTCAP, allows virtually seamless mounting of GW capacitors on a heat sink. The result: optimally cooled capacitors that prove themselves in demanding applications such as auxiliary power converters of urban rail cars, or in welding inverters.