Rethinking invertes assemblies!

In another project, a customer chose to create a capacitor modul by using affordable Snapincapacitors in a series/parallel configuration across a printed circuit board.


In spite of all efforts made, the capacitors in this particular device could only offer a 2year lifetime because of the extremely harsh environment. The replacement costs interms of technicians time and labor were enormous. So the customer decided toreduce his overall maintenance and repair costs by removing the old capacitors (de-solderingthem one-by-one) and then replacing them with one simple, easy-to-install FischerLink.


In this particular example, the FischerLink was delivered with heat-transferpads to optimize even more the dissipation of the heat. In the end, the customer is alsobenefitting from longer lifetimes, further reducing his maintenance costs!


In the customer’s original design, the current had to be limited because of the thickness ofthe copper plates. The FischerLink solution was designed with bus-bar that withstands significantly higher levels of current.