FTCAP - FischerLink 2.0

FischerLink 2.0 capacitor bank

The FischerLink 2.0 is an advanced development of the popular, time-proven FischerLink capacitor bank and an example of the synergies generated within the Mersen Group: The solution consists of foil capacitors that are laser welded to a laminated Merser busbar of the MHi-T series.


MHi-T series laminated busbars are high-temperature solutions with an optimal material composition that allows use at temperatures up to 180°C. In combination with FTCAP foil capacitors this results in numerous advantages for the user.


The well thought-out design of the FischerLink 2.0 allows up to 20 percent more capacity than comparable capacitor banks with the same low installation height. For example, the use of four 800 VDC capacitors achieves an overall capacitance of 900 µF. The FischerLink 2.0 also features extremely low inductance of <9 nH.


Capacitors and laminated busbars are delivered as finished, ready-to-install components that have been 100 % tested. Since the capacitors and laminated busbars are sold as a unit with a single part number, this minimises the customer’s administrative costs.


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