New cubic design for axial electrolytic capacitors

Axial aluminium electrolytic capacitors are normally cup-shaped – the Husum-based capacitor expert FTCAP demonstrates, however, that this does not necessarily have to be the case: the new cubic design offers significant advantages especially with respect to cooling.


“Generally, the capacitors are in contact with the cooling modules. The larger the contact surface, the more effective the cooling,” explains Dr. Thomas Ebel, Managing Director of FTCAP. “Compared to the traditional designs, capacitors with the new design have a 28 % larger surface.” This larger contact surface allows better connection of the cube-shaped capacitors to the cooling systems, which results in improved cooling capacity. That, in turn, results in significantly better current-carrying capacity – this design allows it to be duplicated. The hermetic laser sealing of the cover also makes it possible to double the service life. Another advantage of the cubic design is the high degree of space utilisation: the capacitors are designed for flat mounting and can even be stacked. With dimensions from 10x10x20 mm to 18x18x49 mm and voltages from 25 to 100 volts they are ideal especially for use in the automotive industry. The capacitors are designed for combination in a modular system and the capacities can be adjusted individually. The innovative components feature internal multiple contacts with up to four lugs.

Product presentation (video recording)

Dr. Thomas Ebel, Managing Director of FTCAP, uses this short video to explain the advantages of the new, cubic design for axial capacitors.