Castor Cap


- Compact design for PCB assembly
- Vibration-proof 4 pin connections
- Self-sealing polypropylene dielectric
- Custom specifications on request
Filmkondensator Castor Cap
Self-sealing polypropylene film capacitor with compact design for PCB assembly, contacting via 4 PCB pins, capacities from 4.2µF- 32µF, voltages from 600Vdc - 1700Vdc, temperature range of 40°C – 85°C, other specifications on request. Main areas of use are renewable energies, aeronautics, defence technology and flash applications.

Castor Cap with snap-in contacts


- Economical PCB assembly with no soldering
- Vibration-proof up to 50 g
- Low contact resistance
- Extremely gentle snap-in process
Filmkondensator Castor Cap mit Einpresskontakten
The same technical properties as the standard Castor Cap, but with EloPin® snap-in contacts.
Snap-in technology is a solderless, electromechanical connection method. A permanent gas-tight connection is established between the insertion area of the pins and the metallised hole wall.
The EloPin fulfils the requirements of DIN EN (IEC) 60352-5 as well as the increased requirements for automotive applications according to DIN (ISO) 60 352-5.
The use of snap-in contacts gives the user a considerable cost advantage with higher reliability than comparable soldered connections.
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