Power Box


- Very high currents up to 850A
- Large capacities
- Robust and compact
- Low ESR
Power Box Leistungskondensator
Power capacitor with self-sealing polypropylene dielectric for very high currents. The sturdy and compact stainless steel or aluminium housing makes the capacitor vibration-proof and therefore suitable for demanding applications. Due to the well thought-out internal design the capacitor has a low series resistance (ESR). Capacities from 2600µF – 22800µF, voltages from 500V – 1800V
Main areas of use are industrial technology and railway technology

Power Box, customized


- in-house housing production for enormous flexibility
- diverse connection variants can be implemented
- internal design is adapted to application
Power Box Leistungskondensator Kundenspezifisch
You are interested in our Power Box, but require other specifications, dimensions or connections? We will be glad to build you a PowerBox based on your individual requirements, also in small series.
Please contact our sales team.
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