DC link capacitors for induction soldering

The low-inductance capacitors of the Coax Cap series from Mersen prove themselves in IDEA generators for inductive applications.

Since the generators used by IDEA GmbH for induction soldering generate high ripple frequencies, DC link capacitors are needed to compensate and stabilise the required DC voltage. The manufacturer decided to use CX capacitors from the Mersen portfolio, due to their elimination of inherent parasitic inductance. But the efficient, high-current capacitors also have other features that are relevant for the application: a compact design, optimal position of the electrical connections, high dielectric strength and capacitance, as well as suitability for use of the capacitors in continuous operation.


The Coax Cap (CX) series also features good self-sealing properties: If there is ever a small disruptive discharge, this will not damage the capacitor. The surface milled bottom guarantees excellent thermal contact to the mounting surface – for optimal cooling of the capacitors, which in turn results in a longer life cycle. In the application under discussion this feature enables continuous operation of the IDEA generators: The capacitors are mounted on a base plate with an underlying layer of conductive wax, to ensure effective cooling.