FTCAP team achieves personal best time in “Run Between the Seas”

That is a company record: the Running Caps from FTCAP reached the finish line in the “Run Between the Seas 2019” in 7 hours and 45 minutes. The team therefore improved its time by one hour compared to last year. Among 371 company teams the “Caps” finished 38th.

FTCAP: Personal record in the “Run Between the Seas”

“We were in really good shape”, concludes Selam Celik. The 31-year-old sales employee ran the fourth leg in the 10-leg race between Husum and the Ostsee Resort Damp on the Baltic Sea. The most obvious sign that the Running Caps improved their time over last year was the scarcity of other runners as they crossed the finish line. “Last year there were a lot more runners when we finished”, Celik recalls.

The running conditions were perfect, with an outdoor temperature of 14 degrees Celsius and a tail wind. "When we ran in 2018 it was 30 degrees in the shade, which was really tough”, says Celik. Last year the team ran the race in 8 hours and 45 minutes, and took 134th place among the company teams.

The company’s team of nine runners trained for race every Thursday after work. FTCAP managing director André Tausche also participated – he ran the next to the last leg.

Since 2016 FTCAP has entered its own team in the “Run Between the Seas”. This year, more than 900 teams – both company teams and many others – ran the 96.6 km course between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The Running Caps finished the race in 116th place overall.

It goes without saying that the FTCAP team will be at the starting line in the next “Run Between the Seas” on 6 June 2020.