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Expertise acquired through experience.

We are a producer of aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors, in small to medium batch quantities. While 50% of our production is of catalog standard items, the remaining 50% is dedicated to custom solutions developed in close collaboration with our customers. For both, we apply the full weight of our 65 years of experience.

It goes without mention that we are ready, along with the customers' input, to design and produce any and all types of capacitor connections whether they be male studs, female inserts or IGBT-compatible multi-connection ports.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Our electrolytic capacitors

Looking for aluminum electrolytic capacitors for your special needs ? We offer a wide range of connections and even capacitor bank configurations. Our capacitors are tried and true, tl_files/ftcap/produktbilder/elektrolyt/Elko katalog.jpgtechnically mature even under extreme conditions. We offer individual solutions for your individual needs. After all, individuality is our strength, and probably yours too ! Give us a call and take advantage of our expertise.

We are specialists in small and medium-size production quantities. Please feel free to contact our sales team and we will help you to find the right capacitor for your application.

Our film capacitors

With regards to our film capacitors, there are almost no housing forms that we cannot offer. Along with our injection molding equipment, we also developed  a few other innovative solutions that allow us to make exactly the housing thattl_files/ftcap/produktbilder/film/Film katalog.jpg you my need ! Whether it be to replace an obsolete item, or improve an existing design, we can give you what you want ! Round or half-round, cylindrical or hollowed-out cylindrical, prismatic or rectangular, it has become a routine for us. Just tell us, we will design it and then make it.

Not only do we offer special-design caps tailor-made for customers' applications, we also a wide variety of catalog standard film capacitors. One example is our patented Joule Cap ®. You can find detailed information on the website.

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